The Phone Thread

Finally time for a new phone, pretty much sold on the Samsung Galaxy S4, although the HTC One and the Nokia Lumia also look pretty tasty.

Figured I’d start a thread, not just for recommendations but also for any tech issues and app recommendations (although I’m pretty certain there was one of those previously).

Also a while ago my Iphone started using yahoo as it’s default search engine instead of Google, anyone know how to switch this back?

had a htc one x last year. broke twice.
bought a google nexus 4 about 3 mths ago. rad.
$400 outright.

Go to settings > Safari > search engine > tick Google.

Also, ever since having a Nokia N90 (or was it a N91?), I swore off of Nokia phones. That thing would freeze, break, etc. Had it replaced twice before getting rid of it.

We bought iPhone 5’s outright from Big W recently. We’re on Woolworths pre-paid through Optus. I never run out of credit for calls and get 5gb of data for $29.

shit, i think i should consider prepaid.

im a nokia fanboy, hate apple.

so currently on the Lumia 800, obviously shitted cos i dont have windows8, and cant get windows 8.

i seem to end contracts at the worst time.

I have a Lumia 920 for a few months and I love it. App selection is a bit sparse compared to Apple, but i’m not a super heavy user of apps anyway so it’s okay for me.

One of my favourite things about the Nokia would have to be the maps function. You can download maps and voice directions etc in advance for overseas trips so that you can still find your way around even without a data plan, something that i have found to be invaluable.

Big fan of the OS as well, I found it pretty easy to get used to and it works and looks great. I had my doubts re: the IE browser and Bing search engine but have found that they actually work quite well.

If you want a phone that has a battery life of 3 hours, buy an iphone 5. That is about the only category that it excels in.

can someone that’s made the switch from apple to Samsung etc give me an idea of how easy/difficult it is to convert everything over? have a MacBook Pro, all music is in iTunes etc.

nightmare or have all the other companies figured it out?

everytime my contract is approaching renewal I think about ditching apple…

I use Easy Phone Sync to get all my iTunes from my Mac onto my Galaxy S3.
I have also been back and forth between iPhone and S3 the two times I broke my S3 screen, and had no issues with going to and from in terms of keeping all my data. I can’t confirm that for text messages, because I don’t bother backing them up.

I got rid of my iPhone 5 after being an apple fan for years. Hated it, no battery among other things.
Bought Samsung outright, transferred music easily enough, not contacts though. Probably not too hard to figure out though.
Pretty happy with it. It’s great for work, having excel documents and pdfs I need on my phone has been great compared to apples.
Heaps of gimmick features I turn off. Eye scroll doesn’t work really among other things.
Camera is shit in low light. HTC one is ace though.
Loads of things I like. When you hover your finger over the screen and it displays and example image or something. Great.
Samsung keyboard was shit, but you just download another that’s ace.
Just don’t buy an apple.

can confirm everything moccos said rolly.

Me too. It’s even easier if you have contacts in a google account.
Music is simple. You can drag and drop manually like it’s an external drive, or use the iSyncr app to sync itunes playlists

Yeah the iPhone 5 battery is fucking terrible. Hopefully the OS update in September helps with that.

so contacts need to be added to my gmail account before I can do it?

They don’t have to be but it makes it dead easy.
There’s other ways

I went in to telstra and upgraded for my missus’ old iPhone 4 to an S4. They pulled across all of my contacts from my iphone for me, and then it synched with my google account which left me with lots of duplicate contacts but that’s better than not having them at all!

Loving the S4, don’t use eye control, air control stuff never seems to work but it’s a great phone. The photography app environment is very poor compared to iOS, but the camera itself is so much better that it mostly makes up for it IMO. Also, 4G is ridiculously fast - at least in Canberra with few users on the bandwidth. It will slow down, but for now having 40Mb down on a 35ms ping is doing me very nicely, thankyou.

I had made the switch recently as well and found that bump works between iphone and android. Wasn’t really painful. Give it a shot if you’re game.

I have 2 iPhone 5’s and the gf has an iPhone 5 and a 4s (both work/personals)…

Have had a couple of issues with my personal iPhone 5 (mostly vodafail related), but battery life has never concerned me, always charge every night regardless, and not a massive app user aside from Instagram / Safari / FB (ie, the usual).

Sometimes i get caught out with the work phone if i’ve had to make a ton of calls that day, but always have a charger on me anyway.

The office is starting to give out S4’s as replacements and i’m scared. Been using iPhones for 5+ years now. It’s all I know past the Nokia 3315 (and a couple of ill fated colour screen nokia’s and motorolas).

I am definitely going for the samsung next time around, this iphone is absolutely woeful. If you use it, it dies. Thats basically what you want I guess. My girlfs dad changed after having 4 iphones. Samsung ftw.

First, in my opinion - DONT GET THE NOKIA 920!!! Biggest piece of shit ive ever used. had such high hopes but had to ditch it after a month. honestly I dont know how it got past testing - so many infuriating flaws. no scrolling/sliding in media. no slider bar for brightness (just indistinguishable lo-med-hi and an epileptic auto). awful unusable music (they just try push you into signing up for xbox music - you have to fight through pages of their ‘suggetsions’ before you get to your tunes. constant crashing / turn offs / freezes. i could go on forever, google it. OH and BING?! worst engine of all time. so so sooooooooo bad.

Sony Xperia Z. Best move of my life. Android rules, and personally I think the sony has a few extra clever features that make it better than samsungs - and looks better.
I will never ever go back to iphones after this. only qualm is its a little big - but they all are now.

I have an HTC One X. It’s my second HTC, and I would not think of ever getting another non-Android phone. My computer is an iMac but that’s no big deal. I can charge the HTC/download photos by plugging it in to my Android tablet which has micro USB. Pretty cool.