The Photography Thread

My mate gave me a couple of old vintage manual lenses, one had too much fungus but one was okay.
The image below was shot with a sun optics 85-210mm F4.8
I picked up a gobe adaptor and have been using it on the A6000

Keen to get some surfing shots with it also.

Couple of shots from Saturday night at Barrenjoey Head Lighthouse before the clouds rolled in.

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Anyone interested in purchasing a Canon 24mm f1.4L? I’ve got some hiking coming up and keen to get a smaller mirrorless setup going.

This lens is bloody amazing. Comes with the lens hood and original packaging.

I’ll miss it, but need a lighter setup. Any takers for $990?

Not keen on the lens, but keen to hear what your’e thinking for hiking!

Heading back to Nepal for some meandering in the Himalaya. Lugged my DLSR with me last time back in 2007 (photos here if you’re interested, mostly taken with a Tamron 17-50mm f2.8), but not sure I wanna do that again.

Here’s some sample images from the 24mm f1.4:
Does amazingly well in low light (I never ever use a flash), and the depth of field control is brilliant (that bird shot below is f3.5)
23967859764_e50499bc15_k 24227903479_dd0f1310a2_k 39113395022_45efb74cc3_k 41753500320_3ce9a0256e_k


Is there still a good market for mirrorless cameras? I have a Canon EOSM which barely gets any use :man_farmer:

Had a really good half a day yesterday - I had the opportunity to work as a photographer for another agency who liked my pics. Their client needed a library of images to sell some land in a rural environment.

I was able to work with a good mate who is a very talented videographer and drone operator. We come up with a shot list based on google maps and a timetable (starting at 5am). Pretty happy with the result, the camera I used was on loan (a newer version of what I normally shoot with being the FujiFilm XE2) and using just the kit lens and 35mm 1.4. All handheld, no tripods etc.

A small selection below:


Jeez, thats some seriously nice stuff Ezy. Makes me want to buy the land.

Good thing you’ve got something to fall back on

Yeah, if they can both work hand in hand - that would be ace :slight_smile:

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Beautiful!!! Liam :slight_smile:

Well - that escalated quickly. Client loved the shots and wants me to go up to Port Macquarie to do something similar. This is good… I do feel like my gear isn’t really up to it though. I might need to get a couple more lenses to cover off on everything.

working for exposure or FYPM?

a good photographer should really be making the exposure work for them amirite…?


FYPM + Travel Costs. First class or GTFO.

Greyhound bus have first class now?

Some photos from South Island NZ, including Old Ghost Road and Heaphy Track
NZ2019-3 NZ2019-8 NZ2019-24 NZ2019-37


Bloody hell Adz, those photos are truly outstanding!

What camera/lens combo are you shooting with?

Amazing photos guys!