The Polo Thread

Perth rules are awesome, beer break after every goal…


Sydney rules are better. Play with a beer IN YOUR HAND.
Happened last night.

When you coming to play in Sydney?

Won’t be going to Sydney any time soon… BUT

Australian National Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships 2009

First Australian National Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships, 28-29 November 2009.

To be held in conjunction with the 2009 Bike Film Festival, Melbourne.

Planning is underway, representatives from Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Castlemaine are collaberating with Melbourne.

I just so happen to have tickets booked for melbourne during this date.
So I’ll definitely be down.

Anyone else interstate going?

im hoping to come down to the perth one soon… just need to get this new bike finished…

ive got a mate who knows some people who play, fuck knows it’ll be funny though, i fall off my bike enough as it is haha

will see you there buddy.

You going to drag another 2 into it for a perth team?

I hope so. If we can get cheap tickets then there’s a good chance, I think the only guys that would be keen right now would be Ash and Brad.

We’ll see.

@Gink_04, definitely come down and check it out some time! Its great fun!

new 2x2 in melbourne before the bike film festival … maybe

Hoping to start something up in Hobart when summer gets here. Everything’s under three inches of water at the moment. One of the BnC crew has all the old mallets from back in the grass court bike polo days, so we’re sorted on that front. Keen as a bean.

Maybe not. Those old mallets are heavier than what folks use these days - why not keep them for (traditional) bike polo, presumably you’ve got some grass bike polo bikes floating around as well? You could probably wring a few embossed saddles out of Brooks if you play your cards right … you know, dress up in tweed, pick on minorities, the whole tradition thing

As far as I know, everyone used to play on their regular bikes. I’ve heard a few nice wheelsets got trashed over the course of a few games. The mallets were home made, so they might not be too heavy. Just have to wait and see I guess!

Anyone know if the rules will remain the same as 2008?

I don’t really understand the reasoning behind “you cannot ride through goals after scoring”?

I’m guessing Goalies influenced this rule?

as far as i know melbourne scrapped that rule.

cool. they updated the rules on their site along with additional info

Hey all, check this out.

good read.

Have a look at for a bit more on hardcourt rules this year:

Worlds 2009
North Americans 2009
North Americans 2010
East Van Crown:
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Aussie Nats 2009

Anyone be keen to try fixed only polo in Melbourne?

Nothing against the single speeds but when i used to play polo in Perth when everyone road a fixed gear bike it was alot more fun and challenging.

Sorry if this has been bought up before and if there is already a crew doing it let us know!

do any riders wear body-armour when playing polo? like old rollerblading kneepads or elbow pads, or downhill armour? etc for falls and things…

Yep, some people have kneepads, Benji just got a neat pair for $5. (very Batman-esque)

Some people wear helmets too.

Anyone be keen to try fixed only polo in Melbourne?

I’d give it a go, i havn’t played before but it looks pretty fun.
Heres a trailer i saw for an upcoming Doco on it: