The price of being Australian

So… I’m trying to buy a replacement part for a bike pump.

I know that this is the correct RRP for the pump gauge, but I’m interested in their answer.

I note also the Specialized can’t spell GAUGE.

To be continued.

$9 from Specialized US, probably even cheaper from a reseller…

The local distros are just taking the piss now.

Now I guess I’ll have to wait till Monday.

specialized postage stamps are made of carbon.

Hey… someone’s gotta pay for those frames they give away to their sponsored riders!

You have way more tact than I could ever manage.

If I don’t get a good answer, the tact will evaporate.

Fair enough! Out of principle, I would rather buy another company’s pump for $60 than a replacement part from a bunch of jerks for $35.

Any developments?

Nada… I’ll follow up tomorrow.