The Raleigh, still going.

I haven’t really visited these forums much since the format got changed over…but if anyone is still around from back in the day they might remember this bike, I’ve posted it heaps of times, painted it many times and changed just about every part more than twice.

The thing I have never shared was where I actually got it; In early 2007 I was building my first ‘fixie’ and had almost everything ready to go, until I realised the frame (found on side of road) had a cracked seat collar and bent dropout, the dropout could be fixed but the seat clamp was stuffed…so I needed a new frame.

I bought the whole thing complete off ebay with the intention of only using the frame, I considered buying a Japanese track frame (all the pretty NJS frames were going for around $500 on ebay at the time) but instead I bought The Raleigh because it had all the bits and pieces I would need.

Surprisingly the fit and ride were almost perfect right from the start, it was solid and silent and a lot of fun…so I kept it as is. The frame was already green with pink lugs when I bought it, so I continued the theme painting the wheels pink and making everything else pink and green. All the parts I had ready to go were put on the Farleigh track frame I had for a while.

From then the bike has had an interesting life, highlights include making it to bikesnobnyc, the many paint jobs, crashing just about every alleycat/skidcomp, and the hectic car crash on swanston st where the only damage was a ripped seat.

These days it doesn’t get much action, in fact I haven’t re painted it for over a year and barely ride it. Canberra isn’t suitable for my non-foot-strap-fixed riding style and I mostly cruise around on my SS mtb. I will be moving back to Melb next year and plan to put a 27 inch coaster brake wheel on it and make it a pursuit style pub bike.

Frame: The Raleigh.
Fork: Ultra-rare 700c tight clearance fork.
Headset: Bits and pieces.
Wheels: Shimano mystery front wheel, imitation Deep V rear wheel (no idea what it is)
Cranks: Sugino something mighty, Cycle Underground chainring (polished by Andy)
Seat: San Marco Regal bright pink, from the 80s must be rare.
Stem: Unknown bizarro stem.
Bars: Nitto risers.
Grips: Slipper ones.
Tyres: Skid proof ones.
Pedals: Non strap super pedals.
Seatpost: Super custom seatpost (thanks to Shortsie and Tomity)
Paint: Not my best, not my worst.

Here are some pics:

Surprised that the splatter hasn’t faded much this time round…

And 10 bonus points to anyone that can remember the name of this loveable fictional character…

Did some do a redwine and cheesecake spew on the front end?

That would be the Natty Fab

How do you stop your foot-retentionless fixed gear bicycle?


Here’s the “I Hate Everything” photoshop archive for anyone who wants to relive the beginning of the Natty Fab:
Directory Listing of /fabian/

I was going to post an image or two but I couldn’t narrow it down. So much win.

hilarious. i love a good photochop! we need to get a thread going here.

These threads where you have to think more than 24 hours ago are fun.

Wow… thank you. That’ going to make my Friday very unproductive!!

I remember that trackstand photo being originally posted on FGG. I had no idea it turned it the photochop awesomeness…

Not kidding … that shit is hilarial.

i had a friend who looked a bit like natty fab and he was not enjoying life for a while…

that was a great time to be on BFSSFG (bike gear). prolly was still riding a pista concept, tracko kyle (juvi-kyle) would drop science and hilarious jibes and you could get a straight and worthwhile answer to a question from all sorts of good people.

last time i checked that sub-forum was a mess.

I wonder what the old members think of this forum now; the atmosphere has definitely changed. It used to be any new member would get flamed and accused of being a hipster, and I mostly came on for the entertainment rather than information.

Do new members still have to agree to potential anal-rapeage from CraigC in order to join up?

New members still get flamed to an extent.

It used to be hilarious fun, but that was back when FGG was the place to check daily as well. (To keep a look out for FOA bikes that you would see around town.)

Yep the original missed connections threads were great. I remember when someone complained about getting a fine for riding brakeless and the cop who issued the fine logged on and told the dude off…pretty sureSpud traced the IP back to the cop shop in Collingwood.