The Real Paris Roubaix

So who stayed up last night to watch it? Who feels like shit for getting 4 hours sleep

O’Grady almost made it, but go Tom Boonen with that powerful attack on the velodrome…damn!

So many close stacks and collisions great spectator action.

So how was it snowflake

I didn’t stay up- how did the end of the race go? Stuart lost?

Recorded it, looking forward to watching it this evening.

O’Grady came in 5th a few minutes off the lead. He made a break at a feed station about 40km to the end but Boonans group roped him in and left him for dead.

Its blood lust but its a shame with the Roubaix that the cameras cant get in the bunch to film the carnage

good, tight ending. worth staying up for. but i didn’t appreciate sbs starting its coverage halfway through…

Couldn’t believe Boonen’s strength at the end. Those cobbles looked like murder

fell asleep pretty quickly. woke up for the last 250m and i think i fell asleep before the race finished.

I have trouble getting into watching cycling. I’ve never been a huge fan of watching sport but thanks to my footy obsessed housemates i’ve been getting into it. footy is obviously a lot easier to tell who is winning.

What’s the best way to get excited about cycling on tv?

Did my usual.
Stayed up - Fell asleep - woke up intermittently, then for the last 1km.
Boom Boom!!!

They are.

Kind of. I was in Compiegne to watch them roll out of town and then I watched the end on TV in a bar in Paris over a coffee and a Croque Madame.

Compiegne was neutral so they weren’t racing but the atmostphere was great. It’s a quiet town but in the 15 minutes or so before the start the streets filled with locals to cheer them all on.

It seemed like a mini-TdF. There was a parade of sorts and hot chicks throwing bags of lollies and other trinkets at the crowd.

Would you beleive all the Mavic neutral service bikes looked really well used. And they were an odd mix of Chorus and Record, carbon and not. They looked a bit like high-end hire bikes. They were all CAAD8 Cannondales.

Taped it, then watched it at 2.30 this morning when insomnia hit again… damn! Not much into cycling on tv, but that was an entertaining race. I was amazed the other two didn’t put in a bit harder at the velodrome. I know Boonen’s explosive, but hell if you don’t make a move and go down trying, you just go down.

Yeah, i wondered why Cancellara didn’t try and go with 1km in a half or so to go.
Thought a time trialist would try that sort of tactic.

He must have been burnt trying earlier to take the sting out Boom boom

Yes, “fortune favours the brave”.

Didn’t get to see any of it. Felt like turd all day and fell asleep at 9. Good highlights on SBS last night though.

Could anyone who taped it burn me a copy?

Still better than previous year’s coverage which was sweet FA!!

Since you’re up the road and as I don’t know how to burn VHS to DVD yet, you can borrow the tape if you want. PM me and we’ll work something out.

Nah, SBS showed last years race as well, just not live. I don’t know exactly when it was shown in relation to the actual event, but I just stumbled upon it one Sat/Sun afternoon and it had me hooked.