The replacement *BACK IN THE GAME*

Finally got my new rig together as my last bike was stolen

Still waiting on a few parts to like Straps, Seatpost and chainring but took it for a bit of a spin and i fucking love it!!!

Europa 54.5cm frame (Cheers JLN!!!)
NS bars
Odyssey grips
Animal stem
Profile Cranks
FSA Euro Bottom Bracket
Wethepeople 36t chain ring
Roselli 13t cog
Dura Ace NJS wank lock ring
Half link gold chain
B43s with Velocity gold hubs
Rubino Pro from 23 and some other Vittoria 25 rear
Shitty old pedals with plastic clips and shitty old twin straps
Shitty saddle till new one turns up and shitty post till new one pops up

Apologies for the iphone pics

NJS much.

Go race in Japan.

Nice. What frame you planning on upgrading to?
NS districts are sic.
Might have to pick me up a pair of the 80mm’s :slight_smile:

not sure what frame yet, so many to chose from these days but i want to do it sooner than later and retire this frame to hill bombing and racing lycra latte boys on Sundays.

Ill hook you up with the place i got my bars if you like, they were $70 delivered and awesome to deal with. They are 22.2 tho so you will need a bmx stem but they do come with a shim for 25.4 or what ever they are.

Holy shit. Looks totally different.

looks sick

New pedals, Straps, seatpost and slut.

jealous much?

looks sick man, although im not sold on the chrome forks

Clashes with the gold hubs thats why.

pfffft clash smash… Color coordination is for hipsters and homosexuals.

pfffft clash smash… Color coordination is for hipsters and homosexuals

…And architects. Not sold on the chrome forks either but it does have a pretty cool aesthetic to it, regardless.

yeah i dont like the chrome forks :frowning:

chrome forks are where it’s at guys…

My bike ain’t fuckin colour co-ordinated.

p.s. dig the setup

I guess it’s aight. Good Job and + Vibes to you man.

Well… got some new bars, chain ring, Aerojoke, grips and fucked my forks tonight :cry:

Anyone got a half decent for hangin round?

how the hell did that happen?

i guess tricks

i thought it would take a stair gap or something to snap a fork like that. i guess repeated hard landings would do it as well though.

Nah im just a fat cunt