The Revival - Melbourne premiere - 2nd December - [NEW DATE]

In amidst all the upcoming events thismight get buried, but it shouldnt.

latest trailer here!

I’m helping premiere what has been a massive effort from some good friends of mine from Vancouver, but featuring a wide array of riders from across the US and Canada.

From what I’ve heard its not all tricks, but if the sight of a guys in skinny jeans doing wheelies fills you immediately with anger then you best stay away.

Having seen Wayne’s dedication to filming in general I’m pretty sure the shots will be amazing.

The details:
Date:2nd December
Time: 7:30 screening
Location: Miss Libertines - 34 Franklin Street

Bar will be open and food will be available. Theres a bunch of space out the front for some wheelieing and jamming afterwards.

Flyers will be up as soon as Tom gets back from the world premiere chaos this weekend.

Boom! I have picked the most perfect 9 days to be hanging around Melbourne.

“From what I’ve heard its not all tricks, but if the sight of a guys in skinny jeans doing wheelies fills you immediately with anger then you best stay away.”

Well I am coming then, tight jeans make me swoon.

Cool !!!

good news
I will there on time


The details on a pretty picture:

there may be some sort of competition afterward, with prizes.

Sounds great, I’ll be there.

Rad. I’ll be there with bells on. Actually … I don’t have a bell.

venue double book = NEW DATE :expressionless:
same deal - a week later

can’t wait to see the full film!!

going to be sweet, any one else read the article in fixed mag about this?

I’m down for the 5 days in between the two dates just can’t get a break. :oops:

Date change. WTF :cry:

Sorry QLDers… :frowning:

Did any of you talk to Tom/Wayne about doing your own screening?

Just email them. That’s what I did. Surely I can pass the DVD along after we’ve done the Adelaide screening.

If you’re doing it a week later… Am I going to get the DVD in time?

Yeah we sent two emails and no response. Defs keen if you guys can pass it on. We got venue sorted. We just need the DVD and we can get the word out. Might even be able to show it after the Christmas Cat finishes.

Strange… I just got in contact with Tom through the Skitch clothing blog and he was pretty quick. But yeah, speak to Nickcee, he’s mates with them.

JLN - you’ll get it in time, even if I have to next day it over.

BRIS guys - i cant see why it would be an issue. let me just check for sure and if its a go ill get a copy to you.

as for the lack of response - thats odd, but depending on when you sent the email tom might have been deep in exams or out-of-state for a family death. all 3 put him offline for a block of time. in the past 2 weeks he has been really sick (apparently canada is reporting cases of swine flu and everyone is freaked :-o)


I didn’t even look at the new date. It’s like 6 days before the ADL screening.

Flyer updated (earlier in the thread).

Gypsy - check your PMs - Bris premiere is a GO!


This Wednesday (not last Wednesday!)