The Saturday Ride

I think it’s waffles this week end !

You wouldn’t be alone in that thought.

Yeah bring it on! I’ve got to get my $25 worth…

Oh Yeah, then we can go for big ride after to burn off the sugar rush

I hear the weathers going to be quite nice :wink:

Mmmm I can taste the fudge sauce now.

The waffles weren’t as good this month as last month, but at least they had a lot on hand! :smiley: There were soooooo many people!
Mmmmm waffles with choc sauce -drool- :smiley:

Mikey, Mikey, Mikey if you’re coming this weekend can you bring that seat along please?

Does that mean you’re coming too Chris?

I’m off MTBing at Lysterfield, so no-can-do. We’ll have to work out an alternate exchange arrangement.

Maybe, I may also be bringing a surprise for anyone who turns up :wink:

No it’s not the Faunago!

Oh that reminds me- thanks so much for the brownies- you rock!
Were they home-made, or from a packet? :evil:

Home-made all the way :smiley:

Yeah thanks Chris!! they were awesome. Especially Wednesday morning mid-ride. mmmm . They beat my mewsly mush balls for sure.

update on the sat ride, coffee is great and so is the sun. im off to take more happy snaps :evil: chriss those crossonts where devine

i was all amped to finally get to today’s run until some dickbag doored me on my ride home last night. so pissed.

Too much coffee in your system when you posted this Omar? (or still drunk from Friday night?.. !) :wink:

That sucks, any injuries?

Hey guys, sorry I missed the ride this morning… hightlights please? :evil:

I’m in Hobart at the moment seeing my folks. Hey there’s a velodrome in Launceston isn’t there, but is there one in Hobart? I’m planning to ride up Mt Wellington (no, not a fixie) which should be fun… keep you posted.

You missed out on breaky french style loser :evil:


Apparently there is one in Hobart but I can’t find any info on it apart from some minutes of a council meeting! Sekt might be able to pick up from here…?

Have fun, bring back some apples.