The shoes question

Yeah… YEAH… and I can paint tulips on my frame and sew myself up some gingham knicks.

Find something thin and stiff. Cut to shape. Fit under the insole of your Chucks. Should do the trick.

This prob wont be much of a help but… Last year when we did L’eroica a couple of people had some touring shoes, If I remember correctly they may have been adidas with a fairly rigid sole with grooves where the pedals could fit, Not super cool but old school which brings me to my next point,
While in Tassie earlier in the year shopping for jeans I stumbled across a shop selling what looked to be like the old adidas Merckx shoes, Black, ventilation holes with white stripes under the ankle like these and the same sole as the ones mentioned earlier.something like these
but without the clipless option These looked to be a special edition fashion shoe rather than a purpose built shoe, anyway they had nothing in my size but they do exist.

Anyone else seen em??

I’ve seen a few like that around, usually the NOS eshops. They seem to pop up farily regularly.
Love these though! Class!

I’ve got two pairs of these.
Bloody fantastic. Especially in summer as they breath really well.

Not great for walking around in through. Back to the usual clip/clop clip/clop problem and tiles ain’t good…

i have the pumas mentioned in this incredibly helpful article about dressing for commuting

Coming in late…

Street shoes: I found these to be perfect for cages. slim, decent smooth sole and comfortable. I tried Vans Half Cabs, Eras and Authentics, but all were a little too bulky.

Adidas Sambas.

Got mine for around $80 off ebay.

I kinda own too many pairs of sneakers :smiley:

anyone that thinks vans eras are too bulky is on drugs, the laces are out of hte way of the clips and straps, they have the good vans waffle sole and you can pick htem up for 69ish from most decent footwear/streetwear stores in a good range of colours. plus you dont look like a dick in them cause they are actually great shoes.

i’ve been riding these for 2 months and am happy with them, Rad edition! Cru Jones would be proud!


I found Old School Skate His to be too bulky. I think I just don’t want to wreck my half cabs and eras.

You could try these, i saw them over on another forum, they are pretty
new so i don’t actually know what there like. ASICS KEIRIN™ 400

the laces in my cons have been caught in my straps before. unfun.

Oh, the audience liked it. :evil:

They actually look pretty good.

as long as they come in black, i’d wear those bitches.

I’ll ignore the obvious picture link and put this one in, instead;

go to kmart you can get some around the 18 dollar mark stiff sole.
they look reasonably good.

How good are these !!! :lol:

haha would love to actually see them on the road :smiley: