The small joys today thread (a bit of Yang for FoA Yin of late)

WTB. Anyone got a cheap iPod?

Brendan is long gone.

2LiveCrew or 2Pac…

SJ: waxing a chain, the hot dip way. Kinda fun. Look forward to seeing it in 350km with no black crap on it.

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SJ: Sold a set of pedal straps to some kid in Melburn and some deep-v’s to another kid in Sydney. Seems there is a bit of a fixie resurgence amongst the youngins? Guess thats a small joy?

Maybe. Some dude pulled up next to me last week and wanted to talk gear inches.

did u tell him it was a private matter?

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I just slapped him and rode off in a huff.

SJ: I just moved house and I can now ride to work off-road the whole way, with countless gravel options.

NSJ: One of my all-time favourite bands, mewithoutYou just announced they’re breaking up next year, after 20 years

checkout person at aldi scanned my ginger as lebanese cucumbers. holy moly the savings!


More of a boring confession, but you’re really selling it.

We bought a massive jar of pickles that scanned as “cucumbers” we complained to the self check-out person that we didn’t buy any cucumbers and we got them free.

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just some old partially rotted qukes

surely it’d only count as a BC if i admitted to knowing about it & choosing not to say anything…?

oh god dont u start rollu “8 mm” cox

get outta here with ya 8mm nonsense dr yimmy.

SJ: Won a bag from Harry.
SJ: Crowd isn’t happy



Tim tams are on special at Coles. $1.82 a packet. I bought 3 of the double coat.

Semi related. It’s Tim Tam day at WeWork.