The small joys today thread (a bit of Yang for FoA Yin of late)

Semi related. It’s Tim Tam day at WeWork.

Nothing like tim tams to distract the workers from impending corporate implosion…


SJ: Velobase is back…phew…

SJ: picked up a pair of bonds casual shorts at $15 a pop from their outlet store
BC: really liking that fleecy type of shorts these days, pretty much in shorts all year round.

TC: I have a pair of polar fleece shorts. (From NZ bush work days)

TC I nearly bought a pair of puffy shorts in a japanese thrift shop.

for that summer tassie tuxedo.

Finally got around to using my diy headset press made from threaded rod/washers from Bunnings.

SJ: Worked a treat and definitely felt more #pro than a rubber mallet.

people have been banned for less.

On the topic of shorts, when I was in Japan I saw what looked like essentially a stubby short but lots of different colours. Im thinking holy shit look how lit this is. Run over to them. Ticket says: “Women’s half pant”.



well i know what i’m changing your contact name in my phone to…


SJ: Putting together a $0 budget SS 26" pub/lock up bike to get to the shops and local errands, and to leave in the garage of our apartment block.

So far have sourced a nakamura tange crmo 1 1/8" frame and a segmented 26" fork for free from various gumtree/fb marketplaces.

Last night picked up some free wheels on the chance they were decent and true - rolled around to find a near-new mavic sup rims laced to shimano hubs in snazzy sunset ano finish. Can’t wait to build this up.


SJ: My last day of work here after 7 years.
NSJ: Doubt I’ll be able to browse FOA at the new gig. So see you all!


SJ: Spent my Monday after work making chicken stock and hand pulled egg noodles. Finished making a huge batch of chicken noodle soup around 10pm. Now I got chicken soup for the next week (if I dont freeze it first).

Hmm, maybe that last part should be a boring confession…

You work for FoA? Wow.

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yep. where do i collect my cheque?

Went on a bushwalk with the family yesterday (public holiday in Bendigo for Bendigo Cup) around Mount Alexander. The girls spotted an echidna off the side of the trail, which we watched for 4-5 minutes from a few metres away while it burrowed around for ants. Then it waddled over towards my 7 year old who stood frozen. It sniffed her ankle, thought for a bit, then sniffed her other ankle, thought a bit more, then waddled between her legs and off up the hill. It was bloody fantastic! Echidnas are the best.


SJ: Took advantage of a new network of trails around the Arboretum here in Canberra - nice, easy grade single track through various types of trees… even a few Boab trees in there. Happy days.

The already rad commute just got better.

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On the other hand, I passed a bloke on a penny farthing yesterday. That was a commute highlight after getting a flat earlier on.

You always have to one up me

I would rather have sweet single trail on my commute than have the off chance of seeing a p-far. I think you win this one Adam.