The small joys today thread (a bit of Yang for FoA Yin of late)

Just yelled at/called out some old grub on Lygon St that blatantly threw his litter into the gutter. His fuckhead daughter said fuck all when he did it too.

He was actually ashamed enough to pick it up too.



rolu a narc confirmed.


capital punishment for litterers asap plz.

v strong Mussolini vibes ngl.

jummy to the top of the list… with a bullet! lol

I’ve had a bunch of international parcels inbound and outbound stuck at awaiting departure status for 4-6 weeks due to lack of aeroplanes meaning shortage of freight space.
Last couple of days has finally seen some movement for some of them.

NSJ: our work building has decided to now temporarily close the EOT facilities, which means no commuting for a while


Wouldn’t stop me, but YMMV.

i need to shower, i sweat too much.

Exactly. Sit at your desk sweating profusely and see how long it takes to get the EOT facilities back open.

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Got a flat on my tubeless tyre on the way into work today, luckily it held with some extra air from my pump. Just beat the rain to. Was in the ‘dead zone’ as well; to far away from home to go get another bike and not close enough to work to walk and be on time.

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A mate to whom I owed a favour contacted me last week with the bad news that his bike died, but looking for some recommendations. Found a nice CAAD 10 that had hardly any use for a good price. Just heard he bought it and now we’re both stoked!


Picked up a silca pista floor pump off someone’s hard rubbish while walking the dog. Seems a bit stiff/old but working.

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Awesome! They’re fully repairable if you want to go down that route.

I bought one in Tassie just before the borders closed…it’s still there.

I ended up with five of the leather washers for these when trying to fix one I found (unsuccessfully).

Holla if you want one!

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NSJ: Good buddy of mine and his family are leaving Japan permanently. I’ve been his kids’ only real uncle figure since they were born. I think I’m dealing with it well, but gonna miss them.

SJ: Said buddy gave me his pub bike. A Bianchi Lepre minivelo that he rescued from a junk heap. It had a ripped and very weather beaten Brooks saddle that he tossed and threw a Selle Italia modern one on. He generally left it like he found it, so I am going through and degreasing the entire thing, lubing up bearings, replacing the bar tape, removing some stickers, and doing a lot of maintenance. Small project to knock out after work this week.

Nice. Love the mini velo look in Japan. Just seems to fit the surroundings. I remember perusing a second hand bike parts shop at one point in Tokyo. Lots of $$ parts, some really funky looking stuff too.

SJ: WFH has given me more time with the kiddos (no commute time) and I’m seeing them become much better riders, just from small little outings to the local park/track etc. Even a carpark with a couple of speed humps and some 20cm kerbs gives endless little trials opportunities. “Look Dad… I’m ratcheting!” or “Watch this!”. Loving it.

NSJ: left my gloves on top of my car at the trail head today, rode without em for the first time.
SJ1: those ESI grips are super comfy!
SJ2: gloves were still on top of my car when i got back 2 hours later.

I have a dream of touring Japan on a mini velo with a Bob trailer

Was super hungry so I made a taco with what ever I could find.
Soft tortilla, with a fried egg, Meredith goat cheese, avo, and some sweet pickle onion.
I took a bite and my legs turned to jelly it tasted so good. Literally had to hold onto the kitchen bench.

I think it was the combination of hunger, goat cheese and no expectations.
I’ll never forget that taco.