The Southbank to Southport Ride - Who's doing it?

:mrgreen: C’mon, ewe’s cahn’s :mrgreen:

The Southbank to Southport is happening in a few weeks!!!

Anyone up to do it Fixed.!

Its a bit late now, but did it in 3:04.

Only saw one other fixed gear bike on the road - gave them a holla but was feeling strong and in a bunch that was moving at a nice pace, so kept on rolling. Sorry if it was you Muppet.

I was on a clashing yellow roadie conversion with red-taped horns and mismatched tyres. Did it at a cruisy pace - just under 4 hrs. Saw a couple of singlespeeds but no-one else fixed. Heard a fair few comments though :slight_smile:

I rode down with the guys from work. They went geared Mountain Bike and Road bike I rode fixed took about 4 and a half hours. One of the boys ran out of steam at Coomera and we stopped for a while at the Feed station, another was after “the Yellow” he bolted at about Mr Gravatt and that was the last we saw of him until Southport. He said he slotted behind some guys wearing Totally Spoked uniforms and was challenged to hold onto them. I got 3 flats myself but had a blast. Fixed was fun.

I did see another fixed gear - I don’t remember his name, but I have seen the bloke and the bike around.