The Spokespeople + Sydney bike film festival

The Spokespeople are putting on a great set of events over the next couple of weeks including
[li]Bike films
[/li][li]Animal Themed pub crawl
[/li][li]Gold Sprints
[/li][li]Hill Climb competition
[/li][li]Cyclocross Races

Can’t find the event info for the Rapha supercross, but it’s 16 November, at Sydney Park.

THE SPOKES PEOPLE - 2013 - A part of the Sydney Rides Festival

In for the CX.


Supercross is the same day as the Sydney to Newcastle over nighter. Anyone game enough to do both?

I’ll probably be helping to setup the CX but heading home for nap/shitloads of pasta for the overnight ride.

Do you actually know anything about the CX race? Details are non existent and the Syd CX crew are unawares.

I’ve volunteered to help with setting up/packing up with the events, but I don’t know about the CX just yet. Just the date and location. Seems like it’s pretty Rapha driven at the moment, also it’s a month away so plenty of time for details. I’ll post as soon as I know some more info!

I’m in for the Goldsprints and the Hill Race…looks to be fun. Would love to actually meet some of you guys being new in here.

There’s also all the Cyclorama happening next week as well, some of it looks pretty sweet, be keen to meet some riding buddies as well. Facebook

Just a reminder that the gold sprints are this Friday!! Yieww!

I’ll be there and I’m looking forward to it.