The tallest pompino in the world

Finally got around to taking some pics of the pompino following MGG6.

Simcard tasting the left over MGG6 lysterfield mud

2011 model pompino frame and fork (uncut steerer :P)
15thirty /voodo nakisi stem (many theories as to the meaning of the name were expounded during MGG) yes there’s still a canti hanger in the stack cos i ran out of spacers and yes the outr for the front brake is in two pieces cos i swapped the canti’s for mini V’s in a hurry and CBF changing it
midge bars, tektro levers
tektro 926 80mm mini V’s
stock one one cheap V wheelset
thompson post, avatar saddle
M730 cranks, 36t homebrewed components custom 1/8 chain ring (only took 6 months to deliver was $35 though) WI 18t trials freewheel and 16t DA cog

I obviously didn’t get wet/muddy enough during MGG6 cos today I trained it out to hallam rode to lysterfield did a lap (very muddy out there) then followed the final few k’s of MGG6 to belgrave station (riding up Broadway this time)

does anyone have a spare champagne cork i can stick into the other side of the bars?

how TALL are you??

Only 6’4" / 193cm, got long legs though, hence the largest size pompino available, which is something like 58cm effective top tube, actually fits OK with the ridiculous stem and heaps of seatpost.
On the plus side HEAPS of standover room :stuck_out_tongue:

Just keep WTFing, if you hadn’t said you rode it at GG I would have thought this build was a piss take…

I think we need more stem slam-age DaFROG

Once you put dirt drops on a bike you reject all roadie aesthetic considerations along with visible lycra and shaving… ever… again
It should also be noted that the drops are actually the default position for “schreding teh gnar” hoods/tops only used for climbing/transport

If I’d been able to justify spending 1/4 of the purchase price of the bike i’d have a fully slammed custom LD* stem and the bars would still be in the same place, failing that i would have gone for a fully slammed (BMX) stem and BMX bars but i like the multiple hand positions the midges give.

@piledhigher there is independant photographic evidence that i actually ride this thing on Blakeys flickr/MGG6 blog report (can’t use flickr at work so can’t provide links right now, look for saftey orange shorts :stuck_out_tongue:

*stands for limp dick, picture the fifteen30 shown above with erectile dysfunction and sweet fillet brazing (or you know google it)

It is true, he rides it as above, I have seen it. And it seemed bigger in person. . .

Wait…your cat is called Simcard? Tops.

Yeah that’s a sweet cat name

In before everyone else: thats what she said…

Yeah, though she was called that before i got her it was actually a combination of simba and chica (other cats owned by extended inlaw rellos who simcard was living with) and sorta morphed over time rather than any particular tellecomunications mania.

+1 on Simcard being a rad name.