The ultimate street riding shorts project!

Yo dudes!

I’m getting a pro-sewing friend to make me up a pair of custom riding shorts for general, every day use commuting around the city. I’m pretty keen for them to be the ultimate knickers, kinda like a cross between Rapha’s Fixed shorts and UTW’s Spins (and Chrome’s Shins).

I’m keen to hear suggestions from people for handy features.

So far I’m thinking:

[li]Ripstop Supplex fabric. Wind and water resistant, fast drying and light as hell.[/li]
[li]Lined seat for minor comfort factor.[/li]
[li]Cut high at the back, elastic waist. Stops the ol’ plummer’s crack from making an appearance.[/li]
[li]Button up bottoms ala Rapha’s fixed shorts. Keep that **** locked downwhile riding.[/li]
[li]U-Lock loop at the back with a velcro fastener. Easy at hand but not likely to slip out.[/li]
[li]Angled pockets. Heaps easier to get your mits into when riding. I’m thinking fairly roomy pockets too, to make it easier to get into them whilst wearing gloves.[/li]
[li]Chunky belt loops that’ll fit my typical, t-shirt destroying fashion statement of a studded belt.[/li]
[li]A mobile phone pocket within one of the front pockets so you don’t have to fish around deep in your pockets when it starts ringing. Cause seriously, I can never answer my phone in time.[/li]
[li]Single piece rear panel so you’re not sitting on seams all day.[/li]
[li]Internal rear pockets, probably with a button closure.[/li][/ul]

I’m thinking about avoiding cargo pockets. They’re useful, but I’m not really into the cargo pocket thing, and I find it annoying riding with stuff bouncing around on my legs.

Really keen to hear more suggestions. Who knows, maybe there’ll be the option to place orders!

Your list sounds like like a pair of Hanksters. Best shorts I’ve ever owned!!

I’ve blown out three pairs of expensive cargo shorts just from casual riding, but I wear my Hanksters almost every day and they are as good as new. Strong, light, fast drying, rinse clean in shower while on tour, high elastic waist, padded butt, black, good chain clearance/leg cover tradeoff, and a great little mobile phone pocket on the rear of the right thigh, easy to reach even when pedalling.

Love em!!

Suggestions 1: Denim colored
2: Built-in bottle opener.

Thats all.

Haha, my pair will be black. I’m no good at breaking tradition!

I like the bottle opener idea, but really, most beer in Australia is twist top, haha.

Those hanksters look good, cheers for the link ndf.

Fuck off the u-lock loop idea. Back pockets on Dickies-style shorts work well, and you can use them for other things too, also when your bike is locked up you dont look all weirdy-like.

Also, the small zip pocket in the back of Fox shorts, right in the small of the back, and slightly bigger than a credit card, is wonderful.

Chunky belt loops are a must. Extra points if you can rock an Abus chain as a belt.

There will still be two back pockets, and the loop is going to be really low profile. I’ll have a think about it, cause there’s the potential for it to look daggy.

I’ll try check out this Fox pocket you talk of. Cheers!