The vicissitude of decrepitude

So this morning in Swanston St I politely declined a free book from a bald lad in a saffron dress. I was puzzled as he said “Merry Christmas”

reading glasses - check
orthotics - check
non-steroidal anti-inflammatories - check
hearing aid - next

it’s all ahead of you kids.

i like seeing token privileged middle class white lady discovering her in guru dancing along with them.

go back to your law practice Lorraine.

I’m not sure I totally follow your esoteric thread CC, but on the train this afternoon I noted a youngish women who was very enthralled in her iPhone 4 computer game to the extent that she started ‘wanking’ the phone up and down for about 1 minute non stop (presumably part of a tactile input element of the game). It was hilarious to watch!


is that the new version of iWank

Only some times…

New years a few years ago I was out with a bunch of mates being all laddy and kept on wishing very confused looking people a happy Easter. Just f*cking with the system keeping people on their toes…

presbyopia and myopia means all I can see is the cycle computer and it is doesn’t work!!!

it’s not really that scatological - I see it how might be seen that way but now I don’t want to spoil it by giving away the tag.

I do the happy christmas error all the time!
Mainly on the phone to customers around Jun-Aug… My idiotic UK mind is still programmed to say it whenever it’s dark outside at any time earlier than 6pm.

How to avoid this? Loads of drugs? Preservatives? Salted pork?

man, are krishnas the worst of the worst?
i remember a few years ago in the city a bunch went buy banging their instruments and the last one in the line, a white guy, looked me in the eyes and the look of shame he shared basically said “what the fuck am i doing here, how did i get here, how do i get out?”
i thought, “well, that kinda serves you right…”

er, no

Fuck I hate cancer and that.
No more red meat then.
Damn it, everything in life after turning 18 seems to just be ‘less of this, less of that, or you’ll be broke as shit or get cancer’.

In all seriousness, don’t worry about all that shit. Cancer can hit you regardless of how careful you are, or how organic your tofu is, or how green your electricity is. If you’re gonna get it, you’re gonna get it.

But still, wear sunscreen and don’t smoke.

Now don’t go all nihilistic on us, it’s not THAT bad. I’ve got more toys than ever before :cool:

yeah, i reckon the military industrial complex were shaking in their boots that day…

Note to self: buy more toys.

No more cigarettes after tonight then. (i think I said that 2 saturdays ago, lol)

Getting older is rad.
I can finally support a smack habit.
also girls stop looking at you.

its awesome

FML better kill myself at 30 then.

maybe for some hahah