The video game thread

EBgames on sale, picked up Snipperclips

Pretty good! Solving puzzles etc with some cute character animations, kids love it. Wifey and i play it once kids are asleep.

Also go Mario Kart deluxe / Just dance for their birthdays last week

Plenty of family fun have been had

I recently completed Spiderman on the PS4 - Not bad. Some pretty impressive set pieces in there - a bit of a hyped game though. Batman is a better superhero.

I picked up Ni No Kuni 2 the other day which I will put to the side for when I have some decent time to sink into this. It’s the sort of game I really want to like.

Playstation gave us Detroit: Become Human last month which is awesome - I was eventually going to buy that game.

Anyone been playing anything worth while?

Mario Kart 8. Got it for the kids. whistles

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I really want to play Zelda - Breath of the Wild. But I don’t want to buy a switch just to play it.
Anyone played it?

get a wii u instead

I’ll wii u in a mini


Working my way through Doom Eternal a second time. I’m not usually into these types of games but grew up playing the original Doom on PC and am loving this version on the PS4. The soundtrack is awesome too.

Yeah I used to play doom on the PC as a kid - we played the original DOOM here the other week on a lunch break.

I will let you all know how I go with Zelda. Got a switch over the weekend… first thoughts, relaxing with hints of frustration with the button layout on the Switch coming over from years and years of playstation controller button layout.

did you use the comfort grip? makes the button layout pretty similar to a PS.

my kids and i have been playing Marvel SuperHeros 2 on the Switch, its their first real RPG game, enjoying it so far.

I have been working with my girls on finishing 100% of Lego Harry Potter. My son plays CoD and Star Wars Battlefront II. I did try Battlefront, but I’m terrible at FPS games, so I just let him talk me through stages and his achievements.

Lego Jurassic Park was the first video game I finished 100%, and even that was only recently as a 40-something year old man…I’m claiming it.

I had to google what the comfort grip was… nope, not using that. Will have to give it a go… is that for when the switch is hooked up to the TV? Not really keen to do that.

i can only FPS on PC, i can never do console.

Hows Jurrasic park? im amazed at all the different lego RPG games! such a smart move.

no, you can use the screen on the stand, and take off the joy cons and use with with comfort grip

The Lego series are great. Good fun for lots of age groups. Also 90% done Lego Batman, going to get the Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga collection when it comes out.

Lego Cities is pretty much GTA for kids. My girls love it

Playing/played lots of game.

BoTW was one of the more fun gaming experiences ever for me. Wife and I played together taking turns for months…on a wii.

Just start Ghost of Tsushima, it’s super formulaic but successful at it. And pretty.

Did Mario Odyssey recently and 100% that…which was unnecessary. Wasn’t that great…have heard good things about Paper Mario, maybe do that one day.

Oh started playing the new Last of Us with my wife too…but it’s not that compelling and kind of annoying. Graphics etc are great but the story is ‘meh’…which is the case often with the AAA titles.

Always have FIFA on the go to help unwind.

Tried Shadow of the Colossus, will try again. Tsushima took the place of that…

I think I need some good solid time for Zelda BoTW. I am only playing bite size chunks at the moment (30 min before bed) which makes progress slow.

I am looking forward to Ghost of Tsushima, the game looks amazing but I can understand that it can be a bit same same. ‘go to camp - clear camp of bad guys’. The Last of Us is also on my list, but to be honest I am not expecting to LOVE it like a lot of people do, Naughty Dog games always seem 25% too long.

I started Shadow of the Colossus too (Free games!) - didn’t get too far before the age of the game got to me with tank controls etc.

So are there any other recommended games for the Switch that aren’t really kid/family focussed?

oh yeah i find i need 2-3 hour sessions on most games to appreciate them. especially those open-world games.

my wife is the switch gamer and a lot of what she plays is research for her work (video game producer). i never understand what she’s playing, even when i ask i forget. i’ll try remember to ask and let you know what she thinks.

I have seen that cuphead is on Switch - from an art point of view, it looks amazing! Not sure what the game play is like

Who does your wife work for?