The 'what you've done to your bike today' thread

Pretty much deciding to swap some parts around and chase down a similar Shimano 600 group thanks to that bike.

I’ve got a bunch of tricolour 600 stuff, not sure if that’s what you want tho.

Stitched and patched the hole in my tyre yesterday. Remounted and let the sealant do it’s thing. Then used some super glue on the cut and the thread used for the stitching in the hope that it wears ok. Short driveway ride saw no issues, but time will tell whether it is a durable repair.

Edit: also stripped down and rebuilt my joe blow 2 floor pump because the one way valve was leaking. Seemed to fix itself without any parts, and gave me the chance to lube o-rings etc.

Yeah, could work, I’ll send you a pm.

Felt guilty hammering the BMC commuting, so decided to re-retire it, built myself a parts bin commuter instead.


Nice, one of those was my first road bike!

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Started stitching on leather toe clip wraps on my delivery bike pedals. Wore holes in two pair of shoes in very specific spots from the edge of the metal on the clips. Figured this should help, and look kinda cool.

Updated the Rat axle system on the focus mares to the ‘Robert Axle project’ system =]

Did this yesterday, but whatever.

Took the rear wheel off my Warbird, as I noticed the tire was flat. 37mm Riddler with a tube. Turned out an old patch I’d done didn’t actually quite hold. Luckily it held enough for last weekend’s riding (I did put sealant in the tube beforehand though).

Rinsed off the whole bike (dusty from Colo), switched back to a set of Elite cages that I’d swapped out for Tacx Taos just last week. And anticipating road riding again, swapped pedals from Crank Bros Candys back to SPD-SLs and threw a GP4000 tire/narrower tube back on the rear wheel. Swapped the front wheel (including tire) - was also a Riddler (mounted tubeless), now back to a GP4000 on a 44mm deep wheel - easy with disc brakes!

Started to put my new wheels on the bike. Realised I need new nuts.
Got to find somewhere in western Sydney that does 9 & 10 mm track nuts.

I’ll probably regret this in a week #noregerts. Replacement Hudz after 40,000km and new bar tape.

WP_20190526_13_28_04_Rich_LI by PiledHigher, on Flickr

Also excellent photography with the photographers shadow!

Hell on Wheels should be able to sort you out!

New Panto stem, new hoods and one side bar tape before the weather turned, I’ll get the other side done later.

WP_20190602_16_01_30_Rich_LI by PiledHigher, on Flickr


^ Needs more cable ties

Not sure…

Cable ties for what?

There’s a cable tie on your bars just near the stem…I was wondering what it was for too.

a marker to know how far to tape the bars?

The cable tie is for the AYUP mount which is underneath the bars

Think you could have wrapped that a bit better. Rushed due to the changing weather? Also, full pics of the bike when you’re done pls.

Sitbones measured.
Power Comp purchased.
Power Comp returned.
Power Arc purchased.
Power Arse happy.