The 'what you've done to your bike today' thread


Cheers Cam. Thanks for the offer, I have some sitting on the table at home.


Strapped on some bags onto the CAAD to suss in ready for an upcoming trip.

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Scored a 2009 Kona Kapu frame/fork/headset/post/1x cranks real cheap.

Gave it a quick polish and it will get a smattering of leftover bits that I’m too lazy to sell individually.

Shame it isn’t 2cm smaller.


Where you goin? (Twenty characters)


21 days in Japan with a couple of mates. Kyoto to Fukuoka. We’ll be staying at Air BnBs and hotels, as much as camping along would be fun. Might actually be able to ditch one of three bags with more clever packing.


Flat bar’d the Cecil Walker just so I have a ride while I rethink a few projects. SRAM Force 10s double with X7 shifters, works a treat. Thought the 120 stem might be overkill with the 59c/c top but it feels good.

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Lugged? Those look nice. Seemed to be decent steel too.


Yeh the 09 Kupa - lugged dedaccai something something.

Clears 35c kojaks with mid-reach brakes so looks pretty fun!


Another project finally (back) on the road. I had the frame under the desk for 6 months waiting for the right parts. Ultegra groupset is visually nice with not too many km on it and wasn’t big $$. First 50km on Sunday was nice.

Ultegra 6700 (53/39 crank, 12-25 6600 cassette)
Ultegra 6500 hubs/DT R450 de-stickered rims
Cinelli 1A stem
Cinelli 64-42 bars
Thomson Elite seat post
Arione black/black seat
Elite cages

Runs at 11.5kg with the Blackburn frame pump, saddle bag and one large bidon on it.


New colour-matchy(-ish) cages for the commuters:

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Both of these bikes look freaking great.

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Added Soma levers and new bar tape. Learnt how to adjust mech discs. Failed the chainline length juggle to get rid of the tensioner.


Pretty much deciding to swap some parts around and chase down a similar Shimano 600 group thanks to that bike.


I’ve got a bunch of tricolour 600 stuff, not sure if that’s what you want tho.


Stitched and patched the hole in my tyre yesterday. Remounted and let the sealant do it’s thing. Then used some super glue on the cut and the thread used for the stitching in the hope that it wears ok. Short driveway ride saw no issues, but time will tell whether it is a durable repair.

Edit: also stripped down and rebuilt my joe blow 2 floor pump because the one way valve was leaking. Seemed to fix itself without any parts, and gave me the chance to lube o-rings etc.


Yeah, could work, I’ll send you a pm.


Felt guilty hammering the BMC commuting, so decided to re-retire it, built myself a parts bin commuter instead.


Nice, one of those was my first road bike!

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Started stitching on leather toe clip wraps on my delivery bike pedals. Wore holes in two pair of shoes in very specific spots from the edge of the metal on the clips. Figured this should help, and look kinda cool.


Updated the Rat axle system on the focus mares to the ‘Robert Axle project’ system =]