The 'what you've done to your bike today' thread

Not sure…

Cable ties for what?

There’s a cable tie on your bars just near the stem…I was wondering what it was for too.

a marker to know how far to tape the bars?

The cable tie is for the AYUP mount which is underneath the bars

Think you could have wrapped that a bit better. Rushed due to the changing weather? Also, full pics of the bike when you’re done pls.

Sitbones measured.
Power Comp purchased.
Power Comp returned.
Power Arc purchased.
Power Arse happy.

Went full retrogrouch and put down tube shifters on my Pinarello:

Had a bit of an APBM moment when I couldn’t get low gear to hold. WestToast told me to check the limit screw…problem solved.

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That looks nice! Slowly getting closer to a single gear

New kids bikes are done


Set up the Double Cross for Roobaix. Stuck on the Belgium+ dyno wheelset from the Wolverine with Snoqualmie Pass tires setup tubeless. No joy in getting them to seal even though their supposed to be tubeless.

Added extra sealant and they were still leaking just before. Will see how it goes overnight.

Add an IQ-X and Secula Plus and wired them up.

Bleed the rear hydro brake.

Should be good to go so long as I can get the tires to stay up. If not it’s swap back in the CX wheelset and clip on the battery lights. Or ride the Karakoram.


Left/rear brake outer
Powermeter batteries


Left/front shifter outer (delaminating under bar tape)
Replace front brake caliper (retraction spring had cracked)

Soy-lubed all 6 running chains yesterday. Quiety goodness.

Deconstructed one side of the Koga Miyata bars to swap the quill stem out. Re-wrapped the bars almost identical to what they were before. Some sort of first for me, I reckon…

What’s soy lube?

General question. Are those clamp over chain washers worth it? Mostly commuting, all weather, mixed with gravely/singletrack-ish adventures now and again.

I just use some lube the LBS recommended, after running the chain through a chux soaked in whatever detergent is at hand, whenever I start to hear the chain…

Washes off quicker than other stuff but it was cheap, plentiful and (for the most part) biodegradable.

I’ve got one of those chain cleaners. Rarely use it. I fitted quick links instead and take them off, soak them in citrus degreaser, dry them, put the back on and re-lube. It did a decent job before I swapped to quick links though.

Soy-based biodegradable base :slight_smile: with PTFE additives :frowning:

In other news… found a suspension squeak in my mtb was caused by loose shock bolts, fitted and bedded some fresh pads, and realised my reverb bleed kit is in storage (after selling my house) so I’m stuck with a dirt jumper height saddle for a while (lots of stand up mashing).

I got one years back, used it once or twice but found it made more mess than just taking my chain off or cleaning it by hand. Plus I got an Izumi chain not long after that and the quick link doesn’t fit through it. Put it in the spare parts box never to return.

Thanks guys. I’ve been doing the same too when it’s super filthy. Just a bit of a hassle is all.

Modified one of these:

To take one of these:

So I could hang this in my apartment:


Also - fat bike!

Getting my Pinarello ready for the Noosa Strade Bianche over the last couple of months: swapped the Ergopower levers for down tube shifters and brake levers, swapped the old Gran Sport seat post for something more appropriate, touched up a few scratches, cleaned, adjusted, polished. Now all there is to do is stuff it in a box.