The "what's new?" tab above...

…I f*cking love it…

thats all i use to browse lol

Hmm, all this time I’ve been clicking the ‘new posts’ link.

You’re just not cool enough.

I’ve never clicked What’s New or New Posts… Should I?

What the hell, how else do you browse the new stuff?

i’m a ‘new posts’ kinda guy

v.bulletin needs live update functionality to really fuck your productivity.

i just go through the sections i know shit’s happening in. maybe i’ll change up. i’m too old to know how to work the internet.
i did just find this sweet video though


I browse in source code.

another forum (non-cycling) that I participate in gives a “view posts since last visit” function after you log in. it’s neat.

^ This one?

This and This are my favourites…

didn’t have that function on the old system?

^^no, this one, but thanks for the Weird Al link

Every time I’ve hit it in the last 10 minutes, all that has come up is this thread.


You mean you’re seeing other people?