the wildwood loop.

sick of kinglake?

wildwood loop in Oaklands Junction, Australia | Bike Map | MapMyRIDE

multiple laps required.

Can vouch that this is a great loop. I was cross eyed at the time though. Brendan bought me an ice cream cos i was a bit upset.

if you go out along Gellies Rd there is a sick descent/climb at the creek crossing, about 22% i beleive… this crossing was also used as the final scene in Mad Max.

Can attest to this one. My home turf. We’ve done this loop but continued out and over Mt Macedon. 120 km loop from Greenvale. We’ve also done that loop leaving from the city which was 170 km. Cracking ride.

Added to the list. Cheers Brendan.

22%. Ouch.

jeremy and i went that way once. i think both of us said, at exactly the same time, “geez, this is pretty steep!”

that’s right. geez. on my rides it’s strictly PG.

Been there done that one and can attest to it being a good route.

Popular with triathaletes if I recall.

And you can park at the carpark where the planes fly over opposite the airport.

I like planes.

or, you know, you could ride your bike out there…

and then watch the planes and eat icecream amirite!?!

yes james. you are “rite”.