Them Aerospoke wheels

Hey anyone out there have any experience with Aerospoke wheels?
They look the bomb, but do they roll as nice as they look?
Do they have any issues with staying true?
Can they be trued?
Can you run brakes on them? Like do they have rims with any braking surface?

this oughta be good…

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Yeah, they’ll just dump you for the next fad that comes along.

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Yes, no, yes, no, yes.

What is a aerospoke? is it like a aeropress?

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Yes it is, in a way, but if my memory is good aerospoke predates aeropress by 2-3 years in the fixter milieu.

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I’m sure this guy can help you CAPTAIN AEROSPOKE

I heard from a guy that goes into bike shops a lot that Aerospokes actually make your bike lighter because they’re negatively gravitized.

Can anyone back him up?

yeah only if your running helium instead of air in its crystal structure “hexagonal”

i think this cross sectional image of an aerospeak’ 'spokes for itself.
all must credit go to my old mate Dr. Yevgeny Podkletnov.

I only roll on super conducting ceramic rims and I always spin at 5000rpm

well there’s your mistake, you are supposed to be rocking on liquid nitrogen, not helium duhh

in my opinion (some may argue differently) they are a better version of these

plus for the price, they beat any other wheel on the track! I dont know how they can sell them at the price they do considering the materials and lightweightness of them.

ive been rolling on the track with the setup for a while and love it!