There goes the Gayborhood

(this will suck if you’re on dial-up, you loser)

Well I found it funny


doesn’t get past “Websense”!! … must be worth seeing

What’s a “websense”? I just push these funny buttons with the letters on them, maybe the lord of the ‘nerd box’ tristan can elaborate?

“Websense” is a corporate web censorship system so we don’t get to see any pink bits

… or even a bit blue!!

hahaha…was that a setup?

The interviewer’s funny and the shop owner looked legitimate but was the complaining resident for real?

“It’s like somebody who moves next door to an airport and complains about the noise”

“That doesn’t make sense!”

My fave was the “the texture of a soft toy is not recommended for anal insertion”, now that’s gold.

That skit come from the “The Daily Show”, which is one of the comedy central productions. They often have that style of skit on there.

heh, that was gold - but yeah, was the guy being interviewed legitimate, as he looked genuinly concerned :slight_smile: