these rims are da bomb

i saw and held one yesterday and they are ridiculously overbuild.
you could run your spokes handtight and still not buckle these rims.
and im fairly sure my front wheel is lighter than these rims.

Damn, that’s a heavy deeeep rim.
So is it now obligatory to run the same colour rim/tyre combo so they blend into one mass of colour? :mrgreen:

im really waiting on the chuckers toallow for nice big 35mm+ tyres :evil:… but they are a fair way off yet…

the rear feels amazingly stiff, and honestly i dont really notice the extra weight… but im a 80kg rider jumping/tricking, im sure a <60kg rider will feel the weight difference.

im only running the rear(as pictured above) at the moment, will have a front on monday cantwait :D:D:D

What happened to your arrospok? Wanted something lighter but still ridiculously heavy? :stuck_out_tongue:


nope, seeing as im jumpin the bike these days, im not gonna jump stars etc on the potato and whinge when it breaks from dropping that 10 stair :smiley:

also out of interest, have you ridden either wheels??

well you wont have ridden a B43, but have you at least ridden a potato, or are you just going along with “its cool to bag aerospokes/b43’s for being too heavy/shit/whatevr even tho i havnt ridden one” ??

not specifically aimed at you,just sick of people bagging stuff they havnt ridden…

Sounds like a roadie forum around here. “oh my gosh that is so heavy” :oops:.

As 13b-rx3 said, if you’re tricking, jumping, bashing and are of a decent build then a rim like this is a good thing. Yeah a deep V would probably hold up fine, and in 13b-rx3’s case it certainly seems like he’s tried his best to break his without success. However if I was contemplating some of the suicidal shit that trick riders are getting into at the moment I’d want as much strength as possible. Better to bust yourself up through stupidity then from wheel failure.

Ssh, they’re for polo … :roll: they should have called them Deeper Vs … and then maybe if they make one for 35mm+ they could call them Deepest Vs!

[right]…okay, fine, I’m going[/right]

on the subject of B43’s

just saw this :wink: erik you sly dog :stuck_out_tongue: prolly 2, :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, to put this into perspective. The 44mm deep rim on my 303 weighs 259g.

I don’t get the point in trying to rotate that much mass. Is it just trying to floss a bit more colour for your matching pink saddle and grips? Pfft.

Heatseeker, that is the most ridiculous comparison I have ever read! :lol:

You heard it here first- screw the B43’s and go a deep section carbon instead.

Cost? Meh…

Look, my point is why make a deeper rim? What? For an aero advantage? There’s no point having a deep rim if it makes your ride harder/shitter.

I’m never going to win this on here. I just wouldn’t want to try and rotate a pair of rims (not counting the rest of the wheel) that weighs more than a standard bike frame.

The depth is for stiffness, for the fixed gear freestyling crowd. Just as shallow box section rims are used on pave because they’re a bit more compliant, these are going to be used for stunting because they’re not, and will handle more abuse.

Ride comfort & weight don’t matter as much as not having to rebuild your wheel every week.

Ok, there you go. A good argument.

All I’m saying is I wouldn’t ride them, but I can’t do a whirlybird or whatever the fark they’re called.

Bikes are for going places in my opinion.

Get a BMX. :evil:


the tricks are better.

meh, the whole “if you wanna do tricks get a bmx” argument is about as old as this,6668.0.html

in the same way i can say if you wanna ride A-B why not get a road bike?? you can push a bigger gear and do it faster…


Let’s face it, riding fixed is FUN. Some may argue its a stripped down more pure ride, some say its safer. But if we didn’t enjoy riding fixies we wouldn’t ride them.

I know what you’re saying- and you wouldn’t see me lugging these 700gram rims either! I suppose they are designed for the ‘Prolly’ fixed gear stuntz market.
Yeah I know, get a trials bike. :roll:

Imagine a sub 1kg carbon frame running these B43’s as training wheels!

they just wanted to go 1mm deeper then H plus son’s rims…

It’s a conspiracy - the spoke manufacturers want the same bucks for less metal. you see if I’m wrong :-o