They should do this here too...

Yeah… LOOK bikes are hot!

That grass bike is hot.

Ads are a really, really, really, really, really, REALLY good idea though. Might make the jerks on the road think a little more…

Do you think there should also be ads explaining to cyclists that they should obey the road rules (at least when motorists can see them!)

yes. AND some sort of cycling behaviour guidelines that help other traffic be more aware of cyclists intentions etc.

That Amy Gillet foundation ad was a good step in the right direction. Pity it only aired for a week.

I don’t obey the road rules (on my bicycle) because they are illogical and poorly-thought out.
Road Safety Act 1986? That was over 20 years ago.

The world revolves around money doesn’t it!!! ho hum.

Where can we get more funding from???

Yeah sorry I do agree - I guess my beef with cyclists is the same as with motorists, and it’s nothing to do with adhering to the rules, it’s more about consideration and compassion.

It would probably do just to make sure people were even aware of the rules, then when you do break them there’s usually a case for why. As it is, I reckon 95% of road users wouldn’t be able to get a passing grade on a test of road rules (big claim sure) haha.

I agree. I believe the children are our future - teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess inside.

You are dangerous; you know too much. :confused:

I think we should leave this right here - I’m worried about you nick.

I’ve seen the beauty they possess inside…

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Haha!!! :evil:

Ahh crap! That’s really not the song I want stuck in my head so early in the day :roll: