Think about it again

What’s with the sudden influx of spam posts?

I’ll take four!

  • Joel

It’s not sudden. I manage to catch most of them before people see them. At the moment I’m deleting an average of probably five spammer accounts a day. And a few of Spuddy’s mates.

About one in five actually manages to post something.

the influx is due the increasing popularity of the site… unique hits have steadily increased since the beginning, and with that increase google rankings go up and therefore the bots find us.

853 the spam cowboy has been getting a lot of them. i see a few every once & awhile, but he usually beats me to it.

i have implemented a one-click spam user & posts deletion tool, as well as the image authentication when signing up for new accounts - somehow bots are getting around the image auth, which is really irritating as i thought it would be a show stopper.

i will try to continue finding a solution to the problem, but to be honest, i think every board has this issue. maybe we need to up some peoples privs to forum moderators so they can help our lone ranger.