This can't be good...

Judgement day is coming!

How stupid is that?

The military using privately owned communications systems?

That is just Sh!t

don’t worry, i’m sure the ceo of the company is some ex-military bigwig. sure to have best interests of the uk at heart

fuck it, were doomed anyway

fear not my fellow steel steed comrades! Its the British army all of two soldiers and a couple of remote controlled kites! Viva la revolutions :smiley:

meanwhile, over on the other side of the same page …

(Why don’t BSC etc break out into a Johnny Rockets style song-and-dance to flog the latest line of accoutrements?)

Also on the same page:

The coolest boat ever!

For someone with a spare hundred or so million burning a hole in their pocket.

So where the hell have you been Nathan?

I’ve been around.

Busy as hell… but around.

Work thought it would be a good idea to put me in charge, then I thought it would be a good idea to accept the promotion, then all of a sudden I had no spare time.

Hooray for middle management positions and the fancy titles that come with them!