This is how it's done ...

Some people collect and some people really collect!!!

More bike bukkake from the same Frenchman we all envy and aspire to meet one day, marry his daughter and live happily ever after. Picasa Web Albums - joe - daphine libre…

That is nuts!
I want one of these…

I look at this (saw it on CyclingWMD this morning too) and realise that I don’t have a problem.

(OK, Maybe I do, but I can more easily justify my excess compared to this)


Love the shot where they’re all drinking scotch too.

incredible, wonder how much he pays for insurance…

Thought exactly the same thing!

What’s this all about? A generator for a light?


Super Champion Osgear

That’s Oscar Egg’s Super Champion or osgear derailleur.

More and more

See also The Dancing Chain by Frank Berto

edit: BEATEN

Just this once :wink:

One day I’ll build myself a 10 speed racer. I got the Osgear which is modded with a 5th detent as was commonly done back in the day (index shifting folks !!!), mixed with a suicide front shifter and the old style dropouts complete the picture. Ekla sandcast lugs, twin plate crown, Prior hubs … yada yada, when I get some time.

If anyone is interested I have an excellent article about the development and history of the Osgear derailleur system in PDF format. About 7mb’s … really well written - pm me :wink:

///On that note … is there any way to upload files on this forum for others to share?

you could post links to rapidshare uploads?
Also, I’ll be pm’ing you.

I concur, however I think I read this a different way than you possibly meant it. I don’t have a problem, because I wouldn’t want all those bikes. Yeah, they’re cool. Are you going to ride them though? Probably not. I love my bikes because I love riding them. (Unless its some kind of museum in which case I’m going to look pretty dumb.)