has anyone else seen it,

i thought it was rad. MJ was killing it at 50 years old.

Previews at the cinema have been pretty good.

But not a massive MJ fan, so probably wait for DVD.

Some Australian chick was playing guitar and she shreds!

I saw her in one of the interviews. Her name is Orianthi, and yes that she can shred is an understatement. Awesome.

Yeah, it was fucking awesome. What a performer.

I honestly think that would have been one of the best concerts of all time. Maybe second only to the Stones Rio concert, although arguably that wouldn’t actually have been great to be at.

Have never really been an MJ fan, but it was an excellent documentary…certainly something we wouldn’t have had the pleasure of seeing if it wasn’t for the, er, unfortunate events. I hope they keep it just to the two week screening, no DVD’s or anything.

Orianthi is certainly an ace guitarist, but a bit too Vai/Satriani for my liking :smiley:


Fixed that for ya.