This IS Melbourne, right?

WTF is going on?

No headwind to speak of this morning and a cab driver deliberately moved out of the bike lane to make room for me :?.

There must have been a rift in the space/time continuum.

Welcome back! where you been all this time?

you mean a rift in your space time continuum!

Yeah, where you been maaaaan?

Back to regular programming.


Next thing you know people will stop beating the shit out of each other on weekends in the city…

^not if they continue giving out piss poor jail sentences.

You lot should try living in Hobart. Days of 15 degree weather are currently considered idyllic.

Mercury’s in retrograde.

I’m working in Southgate this week, watching the rain come in over the bay is just depressing.

I also feel kinda shitty for teasing a guy on Princes Bridge yesterday who was obviously being given some grief by a bus. Not sure why he was riding on the road rather than the bike path…

Oh what a wonderful Melbourne morning it was today.
At home: no rain.
Started riding to school: Rain.
Still riding to school: Still Rain.
Got to school: Still rain.
Went to first class: Rain stops.

Not a happy chappy this morning.

Brisbane, fine, sunny, slight breeze and 25.

T-shirts and beer for all. :smiley: :mrgreen:

Nice, but you have to live in Brisbane to get it :expressionless:

Not sure why he was riding on the road rather than the bike path

I always ride on the road down there. Sure beats getting taken out by pedestrians, especially when travelling at the same speed as the traffic.

always faster on the road