this is nice-trek 69er

i guess it’s not fixed

the forks are really cool

I rode a 29’er last week when out spinning with Garth. The lil bit of tarmac that I rode on felt really good and fun. Kinda scared by the fanatical attitude of 29’er riders though!!!

oh god, please don’t get me started on 29’ers.
it’s a wide 700c wheel, get a grip.
no-one makes decent tyres for them, unless you feel like selling a kidney or mortgaging the house. and god help you if you taco a rim. seen the price of a GOOD 29 rim? not the cheap shit recycled beer cans, the good ones?
the whole bike is heavy, and more importantly, top heavy.
those wheels are gonna be heavier than a 26". remember why people spend huge amounts of money on wheels? that’s right, to get lighter, stronger wheels! all of which is counteracted by looking at 29s which are weaker and heavier… it’s two sodding great gyros hung off the bottom of your frame! lighter is better. better spin up. better more responsive braking. and better, quicker steering.
and most of all, it’s a fad set up by a few companies to sell you something different.
5 years ago it was singlespeeds. every douche in creation had to have single speed rigid that cost as much as their carbon framed XC rig. now you have to do the same thing in a 29er. you could do it cheaply, but no-one did cause that wasn’t cool.
you can’t even do that with 29. it’s hideously expensive for what it is.
i know i’m going to get flamed, but of the 14 people i know who bought a 29er, only 3 have kept them. you don’t want to know what i think of those 3.*
the rest got over it and went back to a system that has lots of support, on lighter stronger wheels.
don’t make your LBS mechanic cry, think before you buy.

*disclaimer bit. one of the 14 people who bought one, and one of the 3 to keep it, bought it for a very specific reason. he’s 6’9" tall, and rides it both off road and as a hack commuter. he has two sets of wheels which he has spent an inordinate amount of money on, and has the size, strength, and outright power to make it handle right.
unlike the 5’9" idiot who has the tiny front diamond on a frame that looks like a bmx so he doesn’t get intimate with the top tube every time he steps off the thing.

Is christmas making you cranky Lupine? So what your toughts about 69er’s then (the bikes, not the other thing…mmmmmmmmmm 69)

Breathe mate, Breathe.

I be one of those people you speak of? I remember you giving me a similar rant, which at the time I thought was just that. But after a few goes on the dirt thought

“Bugger! TK was right!! Damn you Biking Evil Genius DAMN YOU!!!”

They are pretty good on open fire trails though, speed wise that is…

no, not christmas per se.

as has been mentioned in other threads, i’m the most even tempered person people know.
monumentally pissed all the time.

i was just saying to someone else on here in PM that the 29 trend in an individual doesn’t worry me particularly.
it’s when you see an entire subculture fall like bricks down a well for a marketing ploy that i get annoyed.

as i’ve said, i get pissed at society as a whole for being a herd of sheep, not at individual lumps of mutton.

my partner and i were watching the grumpy old men special last nite. at the end she turns to me and says “you know, 5 years ago you were already that bad…”
and i’m only 40.

She must be a patient girl oooooooooh burn :evil:

But yeah I get your point about marketing/industry hype, it’s why I got out of retail.