This is pretty much perfect.

3RENSHO Track Bicycle San Rensho Pista Bike NJS Nitto Suntour Superb Pro Fixed | eBay

A little boring for a rensho to me… also that stem needs to go.


I agree with the stem though.

is it just me or do small frames always lack the stature and presence of their bigger brothers? If this was 56/58 it would look way more appealing.

Pretty appealing to me, just my size.

really nice

Pretty much by definition, yes.

It’s a proven fact that bikes almost always look better in the size you ride. This bike looks almost spot-on to me…

Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

Needs some air in the back tyre (really…who would list a bike for $2k+ and not pump the fucken tyres up?)

And lose the stem.