this is what happens when you leave your bike locked in the city overnight

i’m not sure this one is repairable, which is a shame, because i’m quite attached to it.

fuck man. that’s ruff. do you know how, who, why?

spineless pricks!! guessing it was a good lock then and they got a tad frustrated! SUCKS hard.

I say give em 10 lashes with the lock that survived

Fuck that’s shit.

Where was it locked?

Fark, what a waste man. Hope it’s fixable.

Sorry to see this Liam. I wonder if there is any chance of hammering it out?
Otherwise I’m sure we can all help you out with a new frame- what size are you?
Anything else damaged?

Probably mad some drunk asshole feel really tough.

Man thats just ridiculas

say hello to your new polo bike :frowning:

that sucks man!

it was locked up in a pretty quite area of docklands on friday night. locked thru the rear wheel and seatstays, and appeared to have been dragged around by the front, till the stay bent. i didn’t actually notice it till today, when i was wondering why it seems to be crabbing sideways a little. i’ll probably take the fork off and use the parts to build up the road frame i got off kingsville, lucky i didn’t end up buying an xbox this weekend, because i’ll probably need to spend some more money on bikes… :roll:

it was still rideable?? the pic makes it look like the seat stay is gonna hit the spokes!

yeah, still rides okay, feels a little crooked though, like riding with a slight crosswind.

ouch - glad to hear the Beasley frame has given you a option to rebuild, but sorry to see the circumstance…


No! Xbox!

i fixed it by taking off the wheel and jumping on it… got to love old bikes. there’s a kink in the frame, but i guess i’ll keep riding it, and hope that a car hits it so i can blame it on them,

Wow Liam, definately looked better tonight than it did in that photo!
Gotta love steel :wink:

Ah this sucks man, sorry to hear of it.

make sure you keep an eye on any cracks that might appear

i noticed a bunchof bikes with tacoed wheels and trashed frames around the corner of leicester & brunswick on sunday, like a group of dudes had made it a mission to trash every single bike they saw in a 200m radius.