This might be unicorn sh#$ but what options for 32hold 11speed comp 135mm hub

Hi Guys,
I’m wandering if anybody knows what options are available for 11speed compatible hub that is 32 hole and 135mm spaced without disk mounts?

hopefully less than $150

Novatech might be a goer (check there website)

All most every Bike shop can order them from the distributer.

Shimano disc road hub in centerlock plus the rubber cover over the disc mount to hide it. Affordable, reliable, maybe less dish, bonus disc mount for the future.

^double bonus, if you have a cat they’ll love the shit out of that centrelock cover

Well Googles got the goods, it looks like Velocity makes them, no mention of 11speed though?

I do like the option of the CX-75 hub but really want a 32 hole which they dont make.

Velocity are likely a novatech rebrand.

I wasn’t referring to cx75.

Here, 46 bucks.

well I recon that ones it. and 46 bucks cant go wrong