This seems cheap.

falcon fixed gear bike fixie lugged reynolds 531 campagnolo dropouts | eBay

Why do people insist on putting 700c wheels on a bike that’s made for 27"…

Wide tyres and guards. That’s why I do it!

user RowanD’s

Yep, this is mine, thrown all the parts I don’t want on it and threw it on ebay

I’d buy it except I’d want a longer stem

I have another stem just as long and duct tape, I can make you the ultimate stem

As if 4mm is worth tut-tutting about.

This, Put fat tyres, need to be fatter than the 1" 1/4 tyres that were standard so 30mm+ tyres and no one will know.

almost too good to resist!

It is a quality frame. If it was may size I would be bidding.

32 watchers and not one bid. poop

Too short, otherwise I’d have been in.

I’d probably have grabbed it if you wanted to post it.

See what happens, getting low ball offers coming threw now that the auctions finished