This seems FOA appropriate - NOS Kuwahara Cheetah

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Fuck yeah.

Haha just came here too post this, pretty rad but a little steep
If only it was a 650b

Exceptionally rad.

Fark. Cooler than Fonzi, almost as cool as Fela Kuti !!

wow, that’s one to hang on the wall.

At what stage is something NOS.

Seeing as parts, etc have been pulled on and off it, I would say, it is not ‘new’. Old stock, perhaps.

My thoughts too. Waffled about still being in original tape but then shows it semi built by previous dude.

But it is super cool and I want it, but not for 800

Even I like this.

quoted for lolz !!

I definitely posted for lolz.

hot bike is hot.