This thing is fkn sweet

Colnago Track Bike/ Single Speed / Fixie | eBay

If it was 2cm smaller and wasn’t unemployed I’d be making some realistic offers on this one.

1cm too big and $2750 ou of my price range but if I had th coin, I would make that fit me lol

Wow, don’t see super expensive collectable Italian bikes on eBay ever omg


and bam! dylzorg is back and completely correct, that thing is nice sure, but its totally over priced

Tange on a Colnago, unusual. Agree it’s overpriced, but a beautiful bike.

Not really totally overpriced if in great condition. A Master Olympic with Art Decor paint would cost heaps. And it has nice components. I think this seller can expect $2k+

i’d rather the coppi roadbike he also has for sale…

anyone need some campy wheel bags?

nah, but roly you should totally get this

yeah for sure, to carry my 6 records…

Man… Colnago paintjobs can be fuckugly.

Looks like one of those parachute material Kia tracksuits my mum used to ‘rock’ in the 80’s


Its okay, we didn’t expect you to understand.

… Hipster mum, HAWT

my thoughts exactly. someone call the AUTHENTICITY POLICE cos this pasta is made of freekin’ rice OMGWTF!!!

Half a dozen West Coast Wine Coolers and she’s anyones.

Gluten free pasta truly is terrible.

That Burgen bread called ‘Womens Wellbeing’ or something is proper tasty.

anything gluten free that is s’posed to have gluten is terrible.

Agreed. There are probably four too many colours in that frame, and I like colourful stuff. I think their rotten paintjobs started when they started using that super crap decal font.