This thing is ridiculous, horrid and in terrible taste ...

But I love it !!!
1982 Paris Tour de France - a set on Flickr


Salmon pink is the new black™

…as do I

I was OK with it until the Phils.

I crosses a line. Kind of like riding in the rain when you get to that point where it can’t get any worse so you may as well just embrace it.

I opened this thread expecting to see a photo of my bike.

^ needs a splatter paint spacer.

It’s all about the areas you don’t paint.


this ain’t Jazz…

The Paris needs some black polka dots. Black Caviar bike!

The difference is your bike actually looks cool.

(Is that a tapered carbon steerer, phhwwrarrghh)

I really like the frame. All the gold ruins it IMO though.