This Wednesday - 99 problems - be there.

I’m in town for one night only. Happens to be this wednesday!

Fly in around 10:15pm and will be headed straight to 99 problems.

Tecate party. Nuff said.

gypsy out

i’ll consider it.

Im not driving to melb to drink ginger beer.
But i did just book tickets for april world tracks.

It’s quite possible I’ll make an appearance.

what time are last drinks at 99? 11? (officially that is)

you may need to hurry to make it, but im sure you will be greeted by cheery faces.

Meh, come back to me when you have 10 pages about your Melbourne visit. Rookie.

God your a shit bloke Liam. I’m canceling our date on friday!

Well I was going to stand you up anyway.

fly in earlier

pretty sure they extended their hours to 1am

pretty sure i’m about to lose my job

pretty sure k o would know