This week what I really, really most desire is ...

A Fiat 500 (Bambino in Oz) with a Suzuki GSX engine … just to nip up to the shops and back quickly or enter a motorkhana or two.

WANT !!!


No reverse…

Or they retro fit an alternator onto the flywheel as an electric reverse…

A lot of motorkhana special built cars have a reversing gearbox fitted. So you get all gears forwards + all gears in reverse. Helps when you wanna go quick in reverse :slight_smile:

What the fuck are the marshals doing standing out in the middle of that course? Lunacy!

It’s in Italy … they’re probably safer than on a pedestrian crossing.

Too true.

My friend is building a mk1 golf with GSXR throttle bodies. it’s gonna rip.

Reminds me of the Hybusa/ Smart Car conversion craze.


Or the Z-car mini’s


^ zcars…minis with R1 motors…oh my.

Heavymetal will cream his pants when he see’s this !!!