This weekends $50 purchase

Anyone know of a place to buy white wall tires?

Vittoria Rubino Pro have whitewall tires…have a look they r nice.

Some people rescue puppies, some cats, some rescue native wildlife.

Powdah rescues bikes

That poor old Repco just needed someone to give it some attention so that it can have the life it deserves.

I do the same thing…probably not the only one here.

My latest is is an old Centurion, spotted out the corner of my eye sitting outside a Lifeline shop, will make a nice first road bike for my kids (very small Tange infinity frame). Couldn’t let it sit there, a powdercoat, a few new bits and a few of my old bits and it will be happy again, doing what it was built to do.

$50 well invested. Are you goin to do something about the brakes levers???!!!

It’s gone to a good home. :wink:
I’m gunna get it back up and running for summer hopefully. Removing some of the rust might be a little tricky though. I started a bit of it yesterday and the handlebars may be beyond a high polish but the cranks look great. Those knobbley grips fucking hurt though.
The brake levers were the first thing to happen after I took the pics. :wink: