Thomson post clamp on my SL3

Hey, Want to put a Thomson seat post clamp on my SL3 to match to bars and stem. Thomson clamp is 31.8mm and the factory Specilized clamp is is 32.6mm… will the Thomson work?

Probably not the best idea, the future is in non matching individually awesomeness parts.

My OCD will not stand for such suggestions!!

Just file the frame a little

buy a giant. ?

Yeah grinder or router frame .8mm

There might be just enough material on the clamp to (accurately) mount in a 4 jaw chuck on a lathe and bore out to 32.6mm

Mafia comes through. Fuck it. Cheers gang.

Which seems an undue amount of effort to go to (when Thomson clamps are not that great anyway)

Yep! Just because something is possible doesn’t mean it needs to be done.