Thomson stem black to silver

Basically i purchased a Thomson stem in the angle and length i wanted, they perviously made them in silver but have discontinued that finish so i purchased the black.

Is it possible to polish or change the finish from black to silver? i assume that it is only anodized so would this be a easy task?


Short answer is yes it is possible, and no it is not too difficult.

Have you done a search? I’m pretty sure de-anodizing and certainly polishing have been covered before.

oven cleaner?

caustic soda bath. double the max dose it says to use on the bottle and let it soak for about 2 hours. use a green scouring pad or four and it should come off. worked a treat on my hub when i had to strip paint. you will lose any inscribing on it and will need to polish it afterwards.

No need to spend 2 hours soaking it in caustic soda when the whole job including polishing can be done in much less time with EasyOff oven cleaner. Do not inhale this stuff and wear gloves & goggles.

I recently stripped anodize from my bars, brake lever, headset bearing cap, seatpost and seatpost clamp.

Spray stem with a good even layer then let it sit for 15mins. Wash off with water and scrub with green scourer. If any anodize still exists (most likely in tight corners etc) then repeat that process once more.

Now sand the surface with 1200 grit wet & dry (lots of water) until you are satisfied the entire surface is totally smooth and free of any anodize.

Hint: Always try to sand in the same direction of the CNC machining as it yields a better polished finish in the end result.

Now polish the stem twice with Brasso and an old cotton tee. The results are simply amazing to say the least.

Good Luck.

that’s some nice shine^^

dang, more pics please :sunglasses:

I posted this last year but it looked VERY different to now.

wow, it looks fake :-o

Have you ridden this bike yet? Or do you wash the tyres? :evil:

Damn that’s a nice frame though.

It has had a significant amount of use and the tyres are quite dirty but I did take those photos shortly after a cleaning session.

any luck with the transition? be interested to see some photos of your results.

none as of yet, may be changing stem for different clamp size

Hey ya’ll any hints tips on removing decals from bars???

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I can get a good deal on some Sugino 75’s, but they’re black. I want silver.

Whats the thoughts on de-annodizing them?

Worth it?

What length? Want to trade?

They’re 170mm. Ultimately I’m after silver 165mm’s.