Thornbury VIC - Missing Dog

Hi people.

I know this probably isn’t the best place to post this in the world - but you guys have such a great return of lost and stolen goods i thought it was worth a shot.

My friends 18 month old Black Kelpie dog with massive ears has managed a houdini and is out on an adventure around Thornbury and Northcote. He went missing around midday today near the corner of Darebin Rd and High St.

He is super friendly and answers to Buster.

If you have spotted him, or know of his whereabouts please let me know. He is well loved and people are very worried.


That sucks, having a dog run away is the worst. Will keep an eye out for sure.

I have found a couple of dogs in Darebin and can say that the council is really good. Call them, lost dogs
Home and lord smith.
Good luck.

Use the search function?

Buy a new dog?

But for real, I’ll keep my eyes open and let other people in the area know.

Hopefully your friend has done the responsible thing of registering and microchipping their dog.That ensures they always come back.

i don’t know… our family dog was microchipped and someone else must of thought she was pretty great too because she never got handed in.

but yes, my friend has done the right thing.

ugh, blakey!

Cool, fingers crossed this story will have a happy ending.

hi there.

buster the houdini dog was handed into a shelter last night and has been picked up this morning.

thanks everyone that offered kind words, jokes (blakey!) and kept an ear out.

his family are very happy to have him home.

cool :slight_smile:

Great news. No more wandering around Buster.