thought I'd seen it all ... (surfing)

Jamie O’Brien paddles into a wave at Backdoor Pipe(line) on a Foamie. That’s respect right there … then he switches to his regular board mid-wave. Pretty impressive.

Yeah J.O.B is a crack up.
I have done a longboard - shortboard - to skim board at noosa,
Thats a far cry from backdoor though.
The dude has had some amazing switchfoot second reef pipe and uluwatu barrels too.
His movie freakshow has them all.

Show off.

I rode my own face at Shark Island.
Those days are pretty much over (sad to say).

Anyway’s I think it’s cool for O’Brien to be doing this at backdoor which can be a pretty heavy wave and hard to read. Also good for him as all the press is there for the Pipe Pro and he’ll get massive exposure for this.

Check this…


thank you lokione !!


Yeah it’s a bike forum damn hippy surfer

Fuckit, this is the pub section you can post what you want.
I’ve always thought surfing was rad, only tried it a few times on a board that was way too small. The thing that puts me off surfing is that I like riding bikes more, and I don’t have time for beach politics. It’s probably not as bad as everyone makes out, but it’s enough to put me off at this stage of my life.
Going back to hawaii for work in June/July and I might give it a go then.

There’s a time for everything. Surfing is one of the few things you can do (except for you) where you actually leave the earth and enter another domain. It’s a beautiful thing no matter what medium. It teaches me humility and appreciation for how powerful nature is yet I can’t help being drawn to it’s power

I had a bike(s) in NYC but it’s surfing and our many fine beaches that finally bought me back home to Oz. I won’t say whether surfing or cycling is better but i consider them both to be brilliant and easy to fall i n love with.