Thoughts on a build...

Frame arrives in December, a LOW from the states. Build wise I am thinking the following…

In terms of main components Im thinking…

Wheels: H+ Archetype laced to Phil wood.
Crank: Sugino 75.
Seat Post: Either a silver Thompson Elite or a similarly priced Nitto.
Stem: Thompson though would like to mix it up…
Bars: Either some Cinelli Pistas or Mash bull horns, probably mix it up a bit.
BB: Phil wood.

Any suggestions / input.

Seems a little extravagant but its a join present from me / my family for my 21st. Something I should be able to keep forever!

Those part’s are all top shelf,
But what is it used for?
Consider road bars if its a Low as they are pretty steep and pistas are pretty deep.

The 3t ergonovas are great so are the Zipp short and shallows.

You could also go matching 3t stem and post same goes with the zipp gear.

There are quite a few LOW builds on pedal room, have a look if you want some idea’s.
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Are you getting the track standard or pursuit frame?

Needs more Hed 3.

Getting the pursuit frame. Hed 3 is too much. Even in this case!

Thanks for the help. Some good looking builds on pedal room.

Liking the idea of the Zipp parts… So many bikes I see these days use the Thompson components, probably cos they are great, but cant hurt to mix things up!

Track bars look rad, but aren’t the best for the street. I’d go for a road bar or something, if you don’t get the MASH bullhorns.

Dual potatoes please.

yeah unless you flip your stem into boner mode I wouldn’t go with traditional track drops on the pursuit LOW. Compact drops or bullhorns will suit it way better regardless of comfort anyways.
Looking forward to seeing it!

get the bullhorns… road bars (while they are defs more practical) look like poop on a track bike.

Red your a tripper.

I reckon road bars look like total pus on a track bike too - but they’re infintely more comfortable. I’ve still got my setup with the same amount of effective drop and reach, but the additional hand positions offered makes life much more pleasant… Still trying to get used to the look of it though

tis the only thing i would change on that saweet fixay of yours… and maybe more potato, thing is too light…

I would add a saddle… unless you’re into that kind of thing?
Fizik Arione’s look nice on LOW// frames :slight_smile:

+1 for Hed3. You know you want to…

Sugino75’s are awesome cranks, if your riding around the street though don’t bother with the matching bottom backet, just get a sealed bearing unit (103mm axle ahould be right for the 75’s from my experience).
I like thomson stuff though, that I wouldn’t change.
If you want drops go deda RHM/zero100 stuff or similiar. They’ve got a very shallow drop, bullhorns will offer you more hand positions though.

Yep hahaha overlooked saddle… :stuck_out_tongue: You’re right, one of them might do the job nicely.

I’ve got one on one of my fixies. It’s pretty comfortable for about 50km then painful :stuck_out_tongue:

If you like the Fizik stuff I highly recommend getting their Vs line. Has a scoop that makes life a lot better and will save your c&b from disaster.

If you want a good compromise between looks and function, the 3t Rotundo alloy looks great and is practical and comfortable. It’s also quite cheap. About half the guys I race with use them on their track bikes (myself included), I’d recommend them in 40cm width.