Thoughts on yesbikes

Has anyone seen the yesbikes that have been advertising on gumtree? (really annoying way of advertising IMO)
What are peoples thoughts about them, I’m a bit skeptical.




Sold by JustRideIt, case closed

Yes Snowboards however…

They’re awesome, you’ll love it.

This is by far my favourite Yes song:


but but but its crabon…

Despite doing many other album covers, I’ll always associate Roger Dean with Yes.

A big fat No. If you’re gonna be getting a supermarket fixie go for a $199 Cell with no pretenses whatsoever. The way that seat’s angled in this photoshoot says a lot about its origins if you ask me!

And hi guys… first post, new here!


Squawk cover on Budgie album is my fave

i was quoting his picture to talk about the seat.

And his post was dripping with sarcasm, which you missed. Hence sarchasm.

More like: NO bikes! RIGHT GUYS? RIGHT? Right…?

Harry with his finger on the pulse as usual. How hard did you hit your head last week?

a Roger Dean bike could be pretty sweet i reckon

how could i have missed the sarcasm? wouldn’t expect any of you types here to jizz over a YES bike. I was responding to the OP’s question. now put the gun away and welcome the new guy